Asso. PicaPica

Pica Pica is an association of artist magpies who create sculpture and décor from the trash which surrounds them.
Adam Varley is an artist blacksmith with over 25 years experience making contemporary sculpture and ironwork.
Tracey is a painter/ illustrator, with a background in public and community art

Pica Pica est une association d'artistes pies qui créent la sculpture et le décor des déchets qui les entourent.
Adam Varley est un artiste forgeron avec plus de 25 ans d'expérience dans la sculpture contemporaine et la ferronnerie.
Tracey est peintre / illustratrice, avec une formation en art public participatif.

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December 2015: 'Stop Pub' suitcase with Court Circuit Ressourcerie.

Tracey was commissioned by Court Circuit to realise
the idea of a fold away stand promoting the arguments for
 placing a 'Nopublicity' sticker on your letterbox...

Viewers are invited to weigh a month's publicity....
on average 2 kilos of unsolicited pub arrives in your
letterbox each month.
The concept was initiated by Adelaide (behind) of the SME
-organisation responsible for the reduction of waste in our area.