Pica Pica are two artist magpies who travel between artisitic events around Europe creating sculpture and décor from the trash which surrounds them.
Adam Varley is an artist blacksmith with over 25 years experience making contemporary sculpture and ironwork.
Tracey is a painter/ illustrator, with a background in public and community art.

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Installation 'Salon d'Art Brut/Singulier Demin', Meysse, Ardéche.

Adam's beautiful ironwork stand
 formed the base for this installation.

Tracey re-worked elements from 'The Chapel
of Victories' to create a new chapel to exhibit her work.

Sardine tin workshop 'Dynamo' ressourcerie, opening weekend, Chambon Sur Voueize.

Just a few examples from the workshop
 which is a favourite for young and old...

Children working hard on their tins, notice
 re-use of the 'Alternatiba' wheels in the background.

Spring 2016: School project, Lavaveix Les Mines.

The kids choose their objects to create their 'bonhomme'

Tracey gives a little guidance...

'Papa Bidoun' et sa petite fille all ready for exhibition 'La'pro Art' 2016

December 2015: 'Stop Pub' suitcase with Court Circuit Ressourcerie.

Tracey was commissioned by Court Circuit to realise
the idea of a fold away stand promoting the arguments for
 placing a 'Nopublicity' sticker on your letterbox...

Viewers are invited to weigh a month's publicity....
on average 2 kilos of unsolicited pub arrives in your
letterbox each month.
The concept was initiated by Adelaide (behind) of the SME
-organisation responsible for the reduction of waste in our area.

Alternatiba. Limoges. September 2015.

Alternatiba is an international organisation who create events which offer ecological aternatives for living. Tracey lent a creative hand for the décor.  

A weekend of creation with Alternatiba volunteers.

The association's logo is a bicycle so bikes and wheels seemed the obvious choice for materials...

Brightening up a rainy but successful event....

The stage included some elements from my 'Chapel of Victories' installation:

Mural/installation for 'Vertigo Truth', Mutonia, Italy. July 2015.

'Vertigo Truth' is a mural painting festival that 
takes place at 'Mutonia' sculpture park in Italy. 
Tracey was invited to create an installation on an 
old lorryside which is also somebody's home.


work in progress

The surfboard reads 'Around a million seabirds
die every year because of marine waste.

The surfboard reads 'Death and plastic'

'Basta' means 'Enough'

Festival 'AMIS' Authon du Perche, June 2015.

We customed a rainproof stand from our scaffolding tower!

The leg totems were reworked from the pieces
 that were originally made for 'The Chapel of Victories'

Festival Art singulier Moret Sur Loing: May/July 2015.

Tracey was one of the selected artists for this
 exhibition, south of Paris